Kids and snacks

One of my topics last night was talking about children and the amount of snacks they consume these days. I am one of eleven and 51 years old, so back in my day, my Mom would send us out to play, come in for lunch, go out to play, maybe have an apple in the afternoon and then dinner with a touch of dessert. These days children walk two steps and they are asked if they want a snack or juice. Juice is not a "thirsty" drink, water is! Gatorade should only be consumed when you are doing an endurance sport, such as running, biking, swimming for a long time. Most of the snacks these days have way too much dye, sugar and chemicals. Stick with fruits , veggies and whole grain snacks.
We really have to teach our children the proper nutrition. Eat when you are hungry, which isn't all the time! Children need to watch calories as well........


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