Day 3-4, no sugar!

It is not so bad after all. The problem is everything has sugar. I am now really looking at labels......yikes! No wonder this country has such a high obesity rate.
My Pinky Club friend pointed out the fact that "fat free" half and half has sugar and yes it does 2 gr. per serving....I went to have a packet of oatmeal today, looked at the label and there is 9 gr. of sugar in a serving. Put that right back!


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Anonymous said... January 2, 2010 at 2:53 PM

garlik to clean the blood
don't peel the fruits if they are fresh

do not allow the children to use flashing movies,dangerous brainerrors
might come out

better advertising without flushing,djuring Their fiends sportparties

using real glasses to watch TV ;computer djuring the working sessions ,too-me not
I am a suddenly blind seeing man
better no Prosacs!
dangerous long term blood suger
it's certainly hard watching mom's their kid hooking on sweeties
or the opposite
also fat hooking,children
no things like -these sprays-

also a rubens lady can be Atractiv
as I stopped to smoke ,beetween 15 days I got -30 punds more,
by eating a banana than a cigarette

but any way happy new year

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