Instructional Video prep in one week!!

We have to reshoot our instructional video for HoneyBelle bodybuffer. I did the first one, which was fine. We had no budget and this was what I had to do.

So, we have to reshoot for a number of reasons and in the end we decided I WOULD DO THE VIDEO AGAIN.......UGGGGGG.
To be honest, I am OK with my shape but the reality of being in underwear for the camera again is I just had my surgery on my neck and haven't been able to exercise as much as I would like..

So, I went to, Gwenyth Paltrow's site and found her one week detox plan. I read it over and it is actually quite doable. So, yesterday was my first day of "detoxing" one point I got really hungry and tired but made it though the day.

The carrot/ginger salad dressing is delicious as well as the brocolli/arugula soup.

I highly recommend this plan for anyone that wants to clean up their act for a week!


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