The movie HUGE

OK< here we go!! Just saw the actress that starred in this movie which I think is just appalling. Promoting obesity is just wrong...........

What we are promoting here, is that it is OK to be 200-300 pounds overweight. Does anyone realize that these people will die YOUNG for one, die of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc......I am just disgusted.

The actress was looking for an agent and the agent told her she had to lose weight. She said, that is not what I am all about, it is about what is inside me!!! Right......that is the easy way out....let me just eat until I die!!!

I just spent tons of hours sitting in Dr.s offices for my back and seeing people in there that are severely overweight. Their problem could be solved by losing 100-300 poounds without a doubt. It is called disipline......mine problem is a bit different. I am a very healthy, athletic woman trying to get some pain relief and I have to wait hours with these people ahead of me......makes me insane.....


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