30 Day Sugar Free Challenge!

HI all,
Well, I have done this before and I will do this again.

Lately, I have been a "cookie" monster! Eating them like there is no tomorrow. So, starting tomorrow, March 4th, I will go without any sugar. I generally eat very healthy but this will be quite the challenge for me. I always love that bit of sweet after a delicious meal.

I just came back from Bikram Yoga and am starving!!! First thing I would go for is the cookies but I am having a Spinach blend salad with lemon and EVOO, a touch of whole grain pasta with vegetables and feta cheese!

I will update you on Twitter and my blog to let you know my ups, downs and challengiing times. Where there is a will there is a way.

Challenge yourself!! Disipline is good for the soul!


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