Hot fudge Sunday's, molten cake, bon bons!!

I had a lovely dinner on Friday night and was tempted honestly for the first time with three of my most favourite desserts rigth in front of me. I resisted and felt great about my decesion. I was not going to break my rule!
I have one more week to go and I just may keep going!
You can do anything you put your mind to!

Switch up your exercise routine

It is super important to switch up your routine. If you don't your body will get used to doing this particular exercise and after a while, you will not get any benefit from it.
My routine:
Sunday: Power Vinyassa Flow yoga
Monday: Gym do either the rolling stairs, bike or elyptical with light weights
Tuesday: Bikram Yoga
Wednesday: Gym day
Thursday: Power Vinyassa yoga
Friday: Gym
Saturday; Day off
This way, I get 3 days in the gym and 3 days of yoga. Perfect combo.....

Birthday Party and NO CAKE FOR ME

I did it! I weent to my brother's b'day party and actually had no cake. It is getting easier and easier by the day.....
Also, one of my bad habits at restaurants is to eat that "star peppermint" candy they have by the dooor. I would automatically pick one up before and after dinner. I broke that habit, which is all it is!
Challenge yourself....try to give up something that is just not good for you. You only live one life with one beautiful body.

2 weeks into NO SUGAR

Honestly, there are times I think about having a cookie, which is my demon in the sugar world but I just don't fall into the "sugar addiction trap". It is mind over matter.
I feel great and I will continue on for the next two weeks and possibly just keep going. I like to test myself from time to time in regards to discipline. It is a good feeling that you have control over IT and IT doesn't control you.
I do take my exercise seriously and do that everyday and always will. Can't live with out it.
I can honestly say, I do not have "the sugar blues".........

Benefits of Bikram yoga

I had a wonderful day yesterday! Drove to NYC with my business partner Susan for a meeting with some of the most talented people on the planet who will be nameless until we work out details.
Anyway, great meeting, fantastic lunch,,NOHO Cafe ,,did not even crave the sweet I usually do after lunch and then back on the road home!
Susan and I switched off driving, which isn't bad but once we got home, we had another meeting at 8pm at night at a Mexican restaurant....hence the life of an entrepreneur.
By the time I got home, I was sore, tired and cranky. When I woke up this morning, I was even worse. I knew in my mind, the only thing that would make me feel better is to go to a Bikram yoga class (106 degrees) and STRETCH. It was amazing and I feel so much better!
Moral of the story, when you are sore and tired and cranky,,,,,go exercise, do something!

The benefits of working at home!

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that I get to spend the day with my beloved dog, Coco Channel....
The bad thing about "home office" is that you tend to sit in your sweaty workout clothes all day until the night.
I have changed up this routine! The minute I get home from the gym, I shower, put on my tight jeans LOL and put a touch of makeup and earrings. It makes me feel so much better and not like a slug.........

Pre and Post workout foods for today!

Today, I switched up my breakfast routine and had a piece of Ezikiel bread (raisan and cinnamom) which can be found at Whole Foods. I topped it with low fat cottage cheese. Perfect oombo and enough fuel for my morning workout and work at my PC
Post workout: I had made a very simple white bean soup with carrots, celery, onion, kale, a couple of tomatoes. Used filtered water for the broth! It was perfection and a delicious post workout meal.