Happy Thanksgiving, but .................

You have had this meal before.....it is basically all the same in every family. What I am suggesting is, just because it is holiday, there is no need to "stuff" yourself. Treat it like any other meal. Get up, WORKOUT OR WALK OR SOMETHING, have a healthy breakfast, normanl lunch if you later and then for your "turkey dinner", change your plate size to a 6 inch plate. You don't need a large 10-12 inch plate. If you are reading my blog, a good chance is, you are over 40 so you don't need as much food as you did growing up.
It is a horrible feeling to feel stuffed! If you want that one dessert, in my case, I will have a slice of pecan pie, have it, but just have ONE SLICE. The pie isn't going anywhere and if it goes down your throat it will go to your hips, thighs or stomach so beware.....YOU KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE, MODERATION IS THE KEY FOR THE HOLIDAY.........
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, be safe, be healthy and be nice to your family!!!!!


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