The Day after Thanksgiving.........

So, you had your big meal, ate way too much, feel disgusting. Now, it is time to get back on track. Go to the gym, take a walk or go to a class, just do something.
Start the morning off in a healthy way, fruit, yogurt, one of the health bars and drinks lots of water. Get rid of the pie, ice cream and what ever else you had for dessert............out of the house. You do not need it.
As you all know, I have been cutting sugar out of my diet. I have been doing really well and I don't miss it. I did notice that after I ate my one piece of pie, I wanted more sugar. Sugar is so addicting and that is why once you start, it is hard to stop! The point is you have to have control over sugar and don't let it control you.
Have a great day shopping!


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