Bananas! The perfect food and a great.45 minute workout!

Did not feel like going to the gym today. My back was killing me from dancing, Saturday night. I didn't sleep blah, blah, blah......
Well, I walked the dog, ate a banana with peanut butter, coffee and I was good to go. Made the drive to the gym.
I wanted to get a good workout in 45 minutes. I do love yoga but the drive to my studio (30 minutes), 90 minute class, there goes 2.5 hours.
So, today, I got on the stationery bike, Expresso, brought my workout band. I hooked it around the machine, did 45 minutes of intense biking while doing tricep extensions, reverse fly, chest press, bicep curls and lat pulldowns. Got a fantastic workout in 45 minutes on all one banana and 2 T of PB!!


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