First Annual Pinky Club, North Hampton, NH

So, it was the first annual "Pinky Club" sleepover at Christine's house.
Pinky Club consists of Jane, Dee, Christine and myself. We have been friends since all meeting at Bianco's catering too many years ago.
It was quite hysterical since everyone is going through menopause and having "hotflashes" although Dee insists she is not!
Driving in a car with four women in this condition is out of control. Jackets were flying off, hair being put in pony tails, windows flying open and the girls all talking at once! Pretty funny.
We had a wonderful time, a little shopping, eating delicious meals, thank you Christine.
So, I was a big mouth (as usual) about healthy eating etc. Jane was sweet enough to bring cookies and chocolate covered pretzels and I insisted that sugar is not a good present and we don't need that now.....well, I was a bit rude but unfortunately, I always speak my mind.... so from this day forward, I WILL NOT EAT SUGAR! So, Pinky Club president, I will be doing this with you and we can start today........
Love you guys, I had the best time......sorry for my big mouth but I just care!


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Anonymous said... October 18, 2009 at 5:10 PM

hmmm i dont have hot flashes.. i am a medical wonder

Nancy said... October 20, 2009 at 12:21 PM

Well, it depends on how old you are????
Otherwise,,,,you are a medical wonder........LOL...I wish I was.

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