Exercise and injuries

I am a true believer in keeping the body moving even though you are in pain, injured or sick. Granted, there is a limit to illness and exercise but I will tell you why.

I have been suffering from severe neck and back pain since August 2009. I have been limited in exercise. You all know, I am a Personal Trainer, yoga and pilates teacher.
I am not teaching at present because of all of this pain.

The one thing that does help is going for a fast walk. This loosens the muscles and gets the body warm. It is a great idea to then do some stretching afterwards.

Being sedentary during this time would have made it worse and it did when my Dr. told me to take 4 days off. What a disaster! I was in more pain than ever before.

So, thought for the day! Go for a walk if nothing else........Happy Day.


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